Lies, copycats, and more lies

What is wrong with parents these days? What the hell are the lessons kids are learning? I spent the largest part of my life dealing with children and teens over the last 25 years. Each year kids seem to get a little worse as a whole. I’m not saying there aren’t still great kids and great parents out there because there are, the rapid decline of morals instilled in our younger generations just seems to be lacking in most.

Twenty five years ago when a child made a commitment to something parents taught them that following though on their commitment until it’s conclusion was a must. Now more and more parents let their kids do whatever they want, say whatever they want, and change their minds like they change their clothes. A kid signs up for a sport, one day, mid season they decide they don’t feel like doing it any more and the parent lets them quit the very next day. There is no thought to how it will affect anyone else on the team. The only thing most kids know today is that as long as they are happy no one else’s feeling matter.

Each year I have seen it more and more. Recently it has now grown even worse which I didn’t think was possible.  Not only can kids do whatever they want without regard for others, now to make them quitting something and leaving teammates suffering look like they were right, the parent and child makes up stories and lies about other children or adults involved with the activity. Hey, if the people they are around are that horrible they deserve to quit or jump ship to another team, right? My question is how many times do you let your kid do that before you as a parent should realize the problem might be your child and not everyone else around them.

I have kids I dealt with 25 years ago who still contact me to chat or for advice because they have also gone into my field.  The last 3-4 years of kids all of a sudden are positive they know more then I do already. How dare they think it’s right to come back and bad mouth what I took years building now, just because I’m not their anymore. The best kid was one who used multiple pieces of my old work and tried to pass it off as her own the whole time bad mouthing me! Day after day and week after week I get messages about what’s being said and done. What am I supposed to do about it? I’m already sick and now let’s kick me when I’m down. The smarter parents realize they are dealing with some crazy people and don’t listen or follow. Then you have the parents and kids who blindly follow whoever has the biggest mouth. I’m beyond words at this point. I wonder why I am so depressed all the time. Well it’s easy for me to see now after sitting home for months thinking about it. Kids today think everything revolves around them and as soon as something isn’t the way they want it their parents swoop in and either demand change or let the kid quit. There is no accountability. Parents are raising their kids for the world as they want it to be, not the world that is actually there.  Kids used to misbehave and the parents backed the adult in charge of them. Now! It’s what did the adult do to force the child to feel like they had to misbehave! What???? I can’t stand being around kids anymore and they used to be my life! Sadly it’s not their fault it’s this generation of parents. Parents are getting more blind to reality on a daily basis. All kids are not equal!!!! There’s the non politically correct thing to say! Go ahead and jump down my throat with comments. But face it: everyone is not equal! Some kids are better than others at sports, every kid does not deserve to play. Some kids are smarter than others, everyone doesn’t deserve an A! I say all the time I don’t want to live in this world anymore and I really mean it!!! This politically correct, every one is special attitude society is putting into the younger generations head is going to make the world (well the USA) a horrible place to be. We aren’t the smartest, or at the forefront of anything anymore. So many countries have just passed us by! Why??? Because they don’t look at their children and say, “how can we as a society make life easier for you(the child)?” They are demanding work ethic and high achievement results from their children. But no, not here in the good ole USA. As long as kids are “happy” that’s all that matters. Don’t be a parent, be their friend and screw all of us who are trying to make kids take responsibility for anything. Run our names into the mud and make people believe we are the bad guys. I honestly sit around now, yes still thinking I want my life to end, and I want to leave behind a list of parents and kids who when they come to my funeral pretending to care, someone is there just saying FUCK YOU as they pass by and hand them a copy of this blog that says you are responsible as parents to teach your kids that what they say and do does matter and they are responsible for being honest and nice to those around them. They will be given respect when it is earned, not just because they were born!